System Measurement

2 Day Intensive Seminar Workshop

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Developers seldom measure system quality effectively, especially during analysis, design, and development. This unique workshop shows developers how to measure system quality from multiple key perspectives, with special emphasis on management and customer concerns that developers often have the greatest difficulties satisfying. The course identifies key quality factors at each stage of system development, ways to measure them objectively as they occur, and methods for analyzing measurements to guide improvements in both system quality and the software development process itself. Exercises reinforce learning.

Participants will learn:

  * Picking appropriate measurements to assure delivering quality systems.
  * Project manager's measurement techniques for delivering quality on time and in budget.
  * Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of each level of testing.
  * Engineered Deliverable QualityÔ measure of customer-perceived business value.
  * Ways to measure and address quality during the analysis, design, and development phases.
  * Internal system engineering measures of design and code quality.
  * Assessing operations, performance, and customer satisfaction.
  * Using metrics to continuously improve the system development and maintenance process.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course has been designed for systems and business managers, project leaders, analysts, programmer analysts, quality professionals and auditors responsible for assuring delivery of quality systems.



  • Estimating time, cost, and resources
  • Sizing techniques and function points
  • Trade-off analysis
  • Schedule and resource balancing
  • Critical concept of Business Value
  • Estimating comparative costs and benefits
  • Measures for monitoring and controlling
  • Earned value measure of project completion
  • Quantifying quality and test coverage


  • Why requirements usually are not measured
  • Measuring requirements' size
  • Assessing accuracy and completeness
  • Engineered Deliverable QualityÔ measure
  • Measuring quality in the requirements
  • Common measures of design quality
  • Six ways to assess accuracy of design
  • Internal engineering measures of structure
  • Quality factors embedded within design
  • Engineering standards vs. conventions


  • Frequency distributions and histograms
  • Scatter diagrams and line charts
  • Pareto charts and control charts


  • Identifying development as a process
  • Process capability determines results
  • Special and common causes of variance
  • Measuring the development process
  • Full system life cycle perspective
  • Operations and performance measures
  • Errors, accuracy, and failures metrics
  • Measuring customer problems/satisfaction
  • Proactive Testing evaluation points
  • Analyzing effectiveness of testing
  • SEI Capability Maturity Model
  • Process vs. people measures
  • Measurement and continuous improvement


  • Common ways to assess progress/quality
  • Defect tracking and analysis
  • Automated tools


  • Error sources; economics of quality
  • Key quality and measurement principles
  • Metrics determination guidelines
  • Identifying appropriate measures

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