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      Since 1982, Go Pro Management, Inc. consultancy of Needham, MA, has provided senior professional advisory assistance working directly with and training business and systems managers and professionals.
We specialize in quickly and insightfully understanding our client's business, engineering more effective and efficient business management processes, and improving software development/acquisition quality, testing, and productivity. In each of our consulting specialty areas, we speak frequently at leading conferences and present both public and in-house seminars on related topics.

Upcoming Book:
Discovering Real Business Requirements for Software Project Success, by Robin F. Goldsmith


Defining and Managing User Requirements
Testing Early in the Life Cycle
21 Ways to Test that Requirements are Right
Proactive User Acceptance Testing
Winning Approaches to Structured Software Testing
Beginning Approaches to Structured Software Testing
Advanced Approaches to Structured Software Testing
Risk-Based Testing
Developing Reusable Test Designs
Test Estimation
Test Process Management
Proactive Testing Management
Systems Quality Assurance
Re-Engineering Opportunities for IS
Improving the REAL Software Process
System Measurement
Software Acquisition
Vendor Performance Management
Making You a Leader
Managing System Projects
Estimating Resources

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Proactive Testing (Software Development, September 2002)

Test-Driven Development (Software Development, October 2002)

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